Cast Edit

Mrs. Duran- Jennifer

Annalise- Princess

Whitney ( the person who told that Annalise was watching porn during a test )- Princess

Principal- Professor

Annalise's Dad- Diesel

Summary Edit

Annalise watches porn in class, then she gets suspended, and she got grounded for that!

Transcript: Edit

Mrs. Duran: Okay, class. Let's...

Annalise: I'm going to watch hentai during class.

( hentai sound comes from the computer )

Whitney: I better tell the teacher!

Mrs. Duran: What's wrong, Whitney?

Whitney: You're going to be very mad if I tell you this but Annalise is watching hentai during a test on our computers and first, it is very inappropriate to watch, and second, it is making everyone else who are troublemakers ( with the exception of the best snooty villagers and Wart Jr, ) watch hentai.

Mrs. Duran: Thank you! Annalise, come over here!

Annalise: What do you want?

Mrs. Duran: How dare you watch hentai during a test!

Me: Note: There was a lot of yelling.

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