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Screenshot captured from the episode.
Screenshot captured from the episode.
Season {{{0 }}}, Episode 10 10
Vital statistics
Air date January, 9th 2013
Written by Nina Jones
Directed by Paulina Cuschillia
Episode guide
Previous I love Skyer NextMia gets grounded for life
Annalise Says Swear Words in Class ( new series ) Annalise Goes to School
Annalise Forces Me to Like Archer is the 10th episode of The Annalise Series and the second episode of the second season of The Annalise Series.

Cast: Edit

Annalise- Princess

Me- Julie

Annalise's dad- Diesel

Summary: Edit

Annalise forces me to like my most hated show Archer and hate The Bridge and she ends up getting grounded forever.

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