Cast: Edit

Annalise- Princess

Me ( SuperOpalZaki )- Kimberly

Annalise's Dad- Diesel

Annalise's Mom- Grace

Summary: Edit

Annalise gets grounded for calling me an ( bleep ). Plus, if you're reading this, the episode is very funny but it contains a bunch of uses of ( bleep ).

Transcript Edit

Annalise: I'm going to call SuperOpalZaki an a( bleep ).

Me: Hello.

Annalise: ( bleep ).

Me: Don't call me an a( bleep )!

Annalise: ***hole. I heard that the world doesn't tolerate a( bleep )holes like you.

Me: If you call me an ( bleep ) one more time, I'll call your parents.

Annalise: ( bleep ).

Me: That's it! I'm calling your parents!

( at Annalise's house, she got grounded but someone is blocking it )

Me: Note: There was a lot of cussing and yelling in the rest of the scenes.

Trivia Edit

  • Since there was a lot of cussing and yelling in the rest of the scenes, I couldn't do the rest of the video.
  • This is the very first The Annalise Series video ever made.
  • The video was made before the Grace voice got removed by Alvin Hung.
  • Remember Annalise, she is a little big planet villain, she tries to get the sackboys and girls into trouble

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