Emma as Angelica pickles

dave as drew pickles

kate as Charlotte pickles

tween girl as creepie

young guy as tarantula boy

kidaroo as creepie's angry voice

liang as tarantula boy's angry voice


angelica pickles: i am going to paint the mansion pink

(after Angelica pickles paints pink)

Tarantula boy: come on creepie, time for your tea

creepie: tarantula boy?

tarantula boy: what is it?

creepie: someone painted our mansion

tarantula boy: what? Thank you for telling me, Angelica, get your bottom over here now

Angelica pickles: what?

creepie: did you paint our mansion pink?

Angelica pickles: yes I did

tarantula boy: (in Liang voice) Angelica, how dare you paint me and creepie's mansion pink

Creepie: (in kidaroo voice) that's it, I am calling your parents about this

drew pickles: Angelica, how dare you paint creepie and tarantula boy's mansion pink

charlotte pickles: that's it, your grounded, go to your room now!

Angelica pickles: waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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