Drew pickles: angelica, we cannot believe you misbehaved with Roll Light, that's it, today is punishment day

Charlotte pickles: first punishment, swimming in a hot pool

Angelica Pickles: no please, anything but the hot pool

Drew Pickles: sorry, we will now send you to the hot swimming pool

(At the backyard)

Drew Pickles: okay, young lady, time for you to get in

(After all that hot pool)

Drew Pickles: second punishment, assaulting you with the Hammer

Angelica Pickles: Ouch! that hammer hurts bad

Charlotte pickles: we don't care young lady, third punishment, me and drew will barf on you

(Drew and Charlotte then barfs on angelica pickles)

Drew Pickles: fourth punishment, Douglas Mcnoggin will punch you

(Douglas mcnoggin appears and punches Angelica Pickles)

Douglas mcnoggin: this is what you get for making a grounded video out of my favorite recess character, the ashleys

Charlotte Pickles: fifth and last punishment, getting killed by Iris, giffany, dark magician girl and Azura

Iris: Prepare to die Angelica Pickles 

Giffany: Prepare to die Angelica Pickles 

Dark magician girl: Prepare to die Angelica Pickles 

Azura: Prepare to die Angelica Pickles 

Iris, giffany, dark magician girl and Azura: IN THREE TWO ONE!!


Charlotte pickles: there, that's what you get for misbehaving with Roll Light when she is babysitting you

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