Allison Babysits Three Orphan Girls/Moe and Joe Get Grounded is a transcript made by Sarah West.

voice cast Edit

Bridget as Allison

Jill as Vicky (Allison's mother)

Kendra as Phoebe (the oldest of the 3 orphan girls, 12 years old)

Julie as Stephanie (the middle of the 3 orphan girls, 9 years old)

Ivy as Camille (the youngest of the 3 orphan girls, 6 years old)

Eric as Moe

Simon as Joe

Kate as Moe and Joe's mother

summary Edit

Allison's mother, Vicky, wanted Allison to babysit three girls named Stephanie, Camille, and Phoebe, who are orphans at a local orphanage, and Allison is glad to babysit them. The girls want Allison to take them to see The Secret Life of Pets, so Allison takes them to see it. Allison and the orphan girls watch the movie and find it funny and entertaining, but Moe and Joe spill slime at them because they think the movie is a rip-off of Toy Story. The girls cannot move because the slime is very sticky, which makes them quite angry and upset. So, Moe and Joe sneak off to see Wonder Woman, but they got grounded again by their mother for what they did and will be forced to watch The Lion King both film and Broadway with Shimajirō and his friends everyday for their punishment. Meanwhile, Stephanie cheers the angry girls up by telling them a story she wrote about Duke and Max's adventures. 

plot Edit