Alice Misbehaves at Kirsten Bishop's Funeral and Gets Grounded is a GoAnimate video by PB&Jotterisnumber1 (credit to Annachanish).


Alice from the Pop'n Music series has to go to Kirsten Bishop, a Canadian voice actor's funeral on the week after her death (April 22nd, which is coincidentally Earth Day). Alice misbehaves at the funeral by taking her church clothes off, assaulting the minister, being happy for Bishop's death, and more. This leads to her getting grounded.


  • Salli as Alice
  • Diesel as Dad
  • Kimberly as Mom
  • Lawrence as Minister
  • Kayla as Sophie the Otter
  • Dave as Priest


[We see Alice and her parents, who are dressed in church clothes]

Dad: "Alice. This week, we'll be going to Kirsten Bishop, the voice of Zoycite and Emerald from Sailor Moon's funeral."

Mom: "You better behave otherwise you'll be grounded."

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