Harold: Hello, Brian. Listen, you don't think us troublemakers are smart, right?

Brian: Right.

Harold: Yeah, you're probably right about...

(Suddenly, Ivan comes in dressed as Albert Einstein)

Harold: Heavens to Betsy! It's Alan Einstein, the smartest guy in the world! I didn't know you were still alive, Alan!

Ivan: Why, yes I am.

(Brian thinks this is a little ridiculous)

Brian: Stop, stop, stop. Okay, first off, his name was Albert, not Alan. Second, do you know even one thing about him?

Harold: I believe he invented the blender.

Brian: No. Albert Einstein did not invent the blender.

Harold: So what did he invent? The toaster?

Ivan: Sticky notes?

Harold: Ham?

Brian: No! No! No! Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity! E=MC squared! And you know what else about Albert Einstein? He's dead! Dead! so what are you gonna say now?!

(Ivan plays dead)

Harold: Great. You killed Alan Einstein.

Brian: Albert. His name was Albert.

Ivan: Inventing ham took a lot out of me.